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About BBC Two

BBC Two is a member of the BBC family. For those who do not know BBC stands for British Broadcasting Corporation. It is one of the largest public networks in the world with a long running global viewership. BBC Two channel was established to cater to the intellectually curious as oppose to the BBC One programming of Britain most culturally popular shows. There are no commercials on the network. Its popularity stems from the genre diversity of its shows.

For example, there is Charlie Brooker's Weekly Wipe, which looks at subjects that are trending in the global news. An episode can cover what happened in the Paris bombing to the phenomenon Fifty Shades of Grey. No matter the topic Charlie is known for dowsing it thoroughly in a variety of perspectives to get to a mutual rationale.

Then there is the cooking show, Food & Drink, which is for the weekend warrior who likes a little friendly competition in the kitchen. With the show's hosts Tom Kerridge and Ching He Huang competing to impress the party planner in the viewer.

Dragons' Den is another popular draw. Basically, a panel of marketing experts competes weekly to harness the next big thing in advertising. Whether, it's a pitch to sell environmentally friendly coffins or the simple toothbrush, there will be entertaining viewing.

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