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This made for television movie follows E.J. Baxter, a publicist from New York who has traveled to the snowy state of Montana for a promotional tour of a new product. Normally overworked and focused, she has managed to lose her fiancÚ and job after being discredited, so she is taking advantage of the trip and possible permanent move in order to relax and find time for herself. While there, E.J. encounters several attractive men who she believes might just be able to cure her broken heart. She turns this thought into a charity event by creating a calendar featuring the attractive men in the town. The only person working against her is a man who was also approached to participate. Soon, her quest to create a calendar becomes intertwined with her love life, and she is forced to figure out how to fix everything before she loses her new career and a man she might possibly be in love with.

| | 2 hr
Kristin Chenoweth, Josh Hopkins, Anna Chlumsky, Erin Dilly, Stephen Huszar
Lifetime Television
Arlene Sanford
12 Men of Christmas

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