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This updated, big screen version of the hit show from the late 1980's will have you in stitches from beginning to end. Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum star as two less-than-average police officers fresh out of the academy, each with their own flaw that compliments the other's. Hill has the book smarts a cop should have, but the strength and skill of limp-noodle, while Tatum has great athleticism but not brain. The two form an unlikely bond throughout their time at the academy and end up as partners. After a routine bust goes wrong, they are sent to a High School as part of an undercover operation to find the source of a new drug that's popular, and killing kids. The two pose as students and try to infiltrate the hierarchy of high school politics. Mind you, these two are in their mid-20's, so as the revel in having lives completely opposite of what they experienced in high school, the case begins to take a back seat.

This film is filled with adult and physical humor, car chases, explosions and humorous dialogue. In one extremely memorable scene, Hill and Tatum take the drug to prove their not police, and end up hallucinating after being stopped by one of the teachers at the school. What ensues is hilarity as they envision him as a giant ice cream cone, feel his face and just act like bafoons.

As prom nears, the guys find themselves at odds as Hill, once a nerd in high school is becoming popular and forsaking his actual friendship with his partner, Tatum, who is now living as a nerd. When the night of the prom comes, the two must suit up and prepare to take down the head of the drug supply. More gunfire, explosions and chases ensue as the two figure out who is behind the drug peddling in a classic scene which features the two original stars of 21 Jump Street, Peter DeLuise and none other than Johnny Depp.

Eventually the partners stop the mastermind and end up accidently shooting off his genitals in a painful but hilarious scene. The pair is awarded for their valor and reinstated to the Jump Street program, where they are given their next assignment... infiltrating a college. This of course leads us to believe that there will be a sequel to this film, which considering it's popularity wouldn't be a surprise.

| | 1 hr 49 min
Jonah Hill, Channing Tatum, Brie Larson, Dave Franco, Rob Riggle
Chris Miller, Phil Lord
21 Jump Street
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