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After professional thief Jack Tulliver (Snipes) and his crew pull off a meticulously planned armoured car heist, they are ambushed in Bucharest by a group of Romanian rachets, who kill Tulliver's associate Bull and most of his crew but are unable to kill Tulliver before he escapes. After car-jacking Sgt. Kelly Anders' (Outhwaite) Opel Calibra, he makes a getaway through Bucharest, but leaves Anders under the suspicion of her fellow officers. Meanwhile, Tulliver must save a team member who has been captured by Alexie Kutchinov a sadistic Russian millionaire gangster in charge of the Romanian rachets that ambushed Tulliver. In the end, when Jack and Sgt. Anders are about to be killed by Kutchinov, they are saved by Bull's brother Mikail Mercea, a Romanian mobster who shoots Alexie to avenge his brother's death. Ultimately, the content of the case is revealed, and we come to know why it is in such high demand.

Wesley Snipes, Pete Lee-Wilson, Tamzin Outhwaite, Deobia Oparei, Serge Soric
Simon Fellows
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