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| | 1 hr 30 min | Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Fantasy, Romance, Kids & Family

"Aladdin" is an animated feature musical film from the Walt Disney Company that follows the adventures of a young man who finds a magic lamp and attempts to earn the heart of a princess. Along the way Aladdin makes a few friends and enemies that help the journey along or try to complicate matters for their own gain. At first Aladdin is a poor boy with very little in the way of possessions, but he longs to live the easy life of a prince in a palace. Jafar is a royal advisor to a sultan, but is up to no good as he is looking to manipulate the sultan into giving up his power so that Jafar can take the top post. Jafar learns of the existence of a magic lamp but needs a worthy person to retrieve it from an enchanted cave. Eventually, Jafar learns that he needs the services of Aladdin, and the film is set in motion.

Aladdin meets a young girl in the street that he believes is another young poor person. Of course, Aladdin is confounded when the young girl turns out to be the beautiful Princess Jasmine. Aladdin is embarrassed at his feelings for Jasmine because she is rich and he is poor.

However, Jafar gets Aladdin to steal the lamp from the cave and tries to double cross Aladdin by trapping him in the cave. However, Aladdin retains possession of the lamp, and discovers the magical genie inside. Soon, Aladdin manages to escape the cave and turn himself into a prince with the help of his new magical friend.

However, Aladdin gets frustrated that he can not be honest with Jasmine, who starts to suspect the truth. Soon Jafar's master plan comes to light, and it is up to Aladdin and his friends to stop the fiend from taking over the kingdom. The stage gets set for a showdown between Aladdin and Jafar with the fate of Princess Jasmine hanging in the balance.

"Aladdin" features a number of classic songs and ageless themes, which are all usually featured in many classic Disney films. The film aims to show that honesty and truth is generally the best path to getting what you want, and that having faith in friends is an important quality. However, being honest with yourself is an underlying theme the film explores thanks to many characters giving Aladdin advice on how to win the heart of Jasmine.

Robin Williams, Scott Weinger, Linda Larkin, Jonathan Freeman, Frank Welker
John Musker, Ron Clements
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Watch the Original Princess Jasmine Sing 'A Whole New World' 22 Years Later

Princess Jasmine hasn't changed a bit! Lea Salonga, who famously voiced Jasmine in Disney's 1992 classic "Aladdin," has been touring with opera group Il Divo and charming crowds with her magnificent singing voice. But recently, attendees of her concerts have been getting an extra treat: a rendition of "A Whole New World" with Salonga reprising her role! In the video, Salonga sings the classic Disney duet with the men of Il Divo and it sounds like she hasn't missed a beat in the last 22 years.

Robin Williams Sent This Lovely Video to a Cancer Patient Before He Died

A 21-year-old woman from New Zealand has given us another reason to be sad that Robin Williams is gone. Vivian Waller, upon learning that she had terminal lung, bowel and liver cancer, decided to make a bucket list and try to live her remaining days to the fullest. That list included five items: 1. Get married. 2. Make it to her 21st birthday. 3. See her daughter make it to her 1st birthday. 4. Travel to Rarotonga. 5. Meet Robin Williams. Unfortunately, Waller's illness kept her captive in her hospital room and unable to make the trip to the United States to meet Williams.

'World of Warcraft' Now Has Its In-Game Robin Williams Tribute

The late Robin Williams has already been immortalized on film thanks to his prolific career...but now he's immortalized in a video game as well. "World of Warcraft" has finished creating an in-game character to honor the memory of Williams, who was himself a huge fan of the online multiplayer game. Of course, the character is a genie! A Wowhead reader found the Williams tribute character while playing the pre-release beta version of the newest WoW expansion, "Warlords of Draenor.

Robin Williams, Legendary Comedic Actor, Found Dead
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