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| | 1 hr 42 min | Horror, Thriller

Small-town college girl Angie (Sarah Thompson) is hired by Jim and Violet Stanton to babysit their son Sam. Aware of the recent reports of missing people, she believes someone is stalking her. On the way to the Stantons' farm, her car breaks down. She is given a lift by Rick, a mechanic, who promises to repair her car. At the farm, Jim and Violet tell Angie that Sam is asleep upstairs, leaving her instructions for the night. Before leaving, the Stantons tell Angie that Sam is only to eat the food labeled for him in the refrigerator. During the night, Angie receives several strange phone calls and hears noises outside. Frightened, Angie calls Rick and the Chief of Police. The police chief reassures Angie, telling her that he will stop by later in the night. Later in the night, a man breaks into the house and attempts to strangle Sam. Angie attacks the man to protect Sam. Jim and Violet return home and Angie tells them everything that happened. Sam's parents reveal to Angie that Sam is the Son of the Devil and the intruder was a priest coming to exorcise him. Angie is then tied up in a room with a young girl that Jim begins cutting into pieces. Angie realizes in terror that the recently missing people have been kidnapped by Jim and Violet and fed to Sam. The Chief of Police arrives at the farm, and Jim and Violet go out to reassure him that everything is fine. Angie uses this as an opportunity to escape from her ropes, and stabs Jim in the foot when he returns. Angie is chased outside before being captured by Jim and Violet again. The Chief of Police comes to rescue Angie, and in the chaos she kills the pair. Before they can escape, Sam kills the police chief and chases Angie back into the barn. There Sam attacks Angie, but he is entwined on the ropes inside and killed by the girl. The next morning Angie passes out and wakes up in a hospital where her mother and Rick comfort her. A police officer questions Angie and reveal to her that Sam's body could not be found. The movie ends showing Sam and his new caretaker posting a babysitter wanted sign.

Sarah Thompson, Nana Visitor, Matt Dallas, Bruce Thomas, Bill Moseley
Jonas Barnes, Michael Manasseri
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Babysitter Wanted
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