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| | 1 hr 5 min | Drama

Meg (Darlene) is a housewife in either Boston or Chicago, who, after making love with her husband (Sackett), takes a shower and dresses. When putting out some rubbish, she is assaulted and raped by a janitor (Key). The janitor blackmails Meg into coming into his apartment wherein he again attempts to rape her. She kills him with a bowl. Fearing discovery, Meg packs her bags and travels to New York by bus. When befriended by a man in Central Park, she changes her name to Ellen Green, and claims she is from Chicago. The man offers her a room in his apartment, but after drinking heavily, he beats Meg/Ellen with a belt.
Moving on, she notices a newspaper headline stating: Police seek blonde suspect in Boston murder! Ellen rooms with Della (Bennett), a lesbian, and claims she is an acrobatic dancer, standing on her head in her bra and panties to prove it. After sleeping with Della, Ellen moves on again, stating that, because Della loves her, she has to leave. Ellen rents a room for 20 dollars a week at a couple's house, but is attacked and raped by the landlady's husband (La Rocque). She flees that scene and becomes a companion for an elderly woman but then discovers the woman's son is a detective working on the Boston murder case. Just as she is found out, Meg wakes up. It has all been a nightmare. As her husband leaves for work, Meg goes about her daily chores, but yet again she is attacked by the janitor in the stairwell.

Gigi Darlene, Charles E. Mazin, Sam Stewart, Gertrude Cross
Doris Wishman, Louis Silverman
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Bad Girls Go to Hell
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Joe Francis of Girls Gone Wild is Single Already

Joe Francis from the Girls Gone Wild franchise is getting divorced. For all of you who don’t like him or what he does, you can chuckle a little bit. His wife only put up with him for two months! How did they ever make it through the holidays?

Joe was married to Christina McLarty in Mexico in November. They had a full out bash with friends and family to celebrate their nuptials. Hope the guests kept their receipts for the gifts!

But wait! Can they get a divorce is they were never really married? Mexican marriages aren’t recognized in the US, so Joe and Christina h