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Barking Water is a dramatic love story focused on Irene and Frankie. Both characters need to confront a major problem. Frankie is facing his own death. And Irene is facing her own inability to really open up to Frankie. And both Irene and Frankie need each other to make it back home. It quickly becomes clear that the journey home is both literal and metaphorical. As the journey continues, Frankie and Irene are reminded about how much they depend on each other. As they move closer to a physical home, they realize that perhaps what really makes a home is the people we share it with.

| | 1 hr 25 min | 5.8/10
Richard Ray Whitman, Casey Camp-Horinek, Jon Proudstar, John Proudstar, Aaron Riggs
New Video Group
Sterlin Harjo
Barking Water

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