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| | 1 hr 33 min | Comedy, Kids & Family

Growing up in Hastings, Minnesota, young David Leary was constantly bullied by Roscoe "Fang" Bigger. David is ecstatic when his parents announce they're moving to Oakland. Before leaving, David squeals on Fang after he stole a moon rock being shown at their school. As the Learys leave town, Fang is arrested. Years later, David is divorced and raising his troubled son Ben as a single parent. Not having much success as a writer, David's old school offers him a job teaching creative writing. After Ben picks on a little kid named Kirby, David meets the boy's father, a mild-mannered shop teacher. Despite a friendly conversation, David learns "Ross" Bigger is his old enemy "Fang." When Ross learns who David is, he reembarks on his old routine.

Rick Moranis, Tom Arnold, Julianne Phillips, Carol Kane, Jeffrey Tambor
Steve Miner
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Big Bully
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