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[edit] The Plot
The story is about Jake (Colin Moss) and Zed (Ross Garland) who in their quest to meet girls, decide to make a documentary about what life is really like for Super Models. What started out as a past time turns into a remarkable documentary that promises lots of money. However life isn't that easy as they do not have a black partner. With two days to find this partner and get to Jozi in order to close the deal, the road trip begins.
The task may seem easy but not for these two. The distractions are numerous, the sidetracks are common. Their arch nemesis and his sexy female assistant (Hakeem Kae-Kazim and Carling Ernstzen) are out to stop them so they can get the cash. Along the road the Wannabees run into super models Gigi (Gina Athens) and Mimi (Minki van der Westhuizen) who request a premiere for their modeling trade union, the South African Modeling Organisation Of South Africa or just plainly SAMOOSA.
After facing many traumas, facing off against the Gatberg darts Champion, finding the curious Ronnie's Sex shop, being put into jail, attending many parties, the unlikely heroes and the whitest black man or the blackest white man Alfonso (Cokey Falkow) finally find what they are looking for.

[edit] Cast
Colin Moss as Jake
Ross Garland as Zed
Hakeem Kae-Kazim as Ray Whitehead
Jason Cope as Wiempie and Fabio
Grethe Fox as Elsa
Lesley Mongezi as Benzi
Gina Athans as Gigi
Minki van der Westhuizen as Mimi
Carling Ernstzen as Lola
Lee-Anne Summers as Hanneke, Yolanda and Ronnies bartender
Cokey Falkow as Alfonso
Mark Lottering as Traffic cop
Louw Venter as Bullseye

[edit] Promotion
It was rumored that there would be a free give-away of movie props on the Facebook group. This included items such as the BEEast numberplate, roadsigns to Gatberg along with the pink nylon shorts worn by Gina during the production of the Film.[citation needed]

Big Fellas is a South African comedy movie produced by the acclaimed film company Rogue Star Films. It was released on November 23, 2007 at all NuMetro Cinemas. Big Fellas was written by Ross Garland, directed by Philip Roberts and hosts a star packed So
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Big Fellas
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