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| | 1 hr 22 min | Horror

The film begins on a cold night. Two men are dressed-up as a mum and a hooker. They make ways and the man dressed as a hooker is brutally killed by the killer. Meanwhile the "mums'" girlfriend (Julie Strain) is waiting outside for him. Soon she is killed by the killer. The story shifts to a man named Shawn (Danny Wolske) who is attempting to sort out various paper-work at his new job. We then meet Maddy (Debbie Rochon) who is getting ready to be interviewed by Shawn. Shawn notices that she didn't place anybody under who to call in case of emergency. Maddy explains that she has no parents. Shawn then puts his name down instead and takes her to her new office. It then shows Maddy having dinner at her apartment. She appears to be talking to "imaginary" people and seemingly receives a letter from her parents congratulating her on her new job. That night she has a dream of two deaths. She then awakens, scared. Later on in the week Shawn asks Maddy out for a date. She agrees excitedly. Apparently the date went well because they end up in bed together for the night. Shawn afterwards asks Maddy is she wants to go to a pool party with some of his friends, and happily, she agrees. Maddy makes it to the pool party late (despite another couple making it late but they are told by the pool party's host Tillie (Orly Tepper) that they are not late because no-one is naked). Afterwards, Maddy meets Shawn's friend Chris (Allen Nabours) and Peter (Ronny Gene Blevins) and Laura (Laura Nativo). Later that night as they get into the hot-tub (most of the guests having left) the remaining people starts talking about a 'murder club'. Maddy is confused and leaves. Chris leaving her with the words. 'You never know when you'll need the club's help'. Later that night, Karen and Keith (a couple at the party) are murdered by the masked killer. That night Maddy has a flashback going back to when she had an abortion. As a result of her abortion her mother (Brinke Stevens) kicks her out of the house calling Maddy a "murderer". The father (Lloyd Kaufman) tries to stop her, but cannot speak. Maddy then wakes up, upset. The next day during one of Maddy's shopping trips, she starts an argument with a woman, she then kills the woman by smashing her head against a large sturdy post. Maddy awakes at home, covered in blood. She realizes what she has done and she calls Shawn. He races over in shock and tells her not to worry, he'll give her an alibi.The next day, on her way to Tillie's house, she hears Shawn, Tillie, Peter and Laura talking amongst each other. She then discovers that the 'Murder Club' was all a joke. As they talk Shawn tries to convince the others give Maddy an alibi. Chris agrees, however Peter and Laura want to ignore everything that happened, and Tillie however believes they should head to the police.Maddy heads home upset by the revelation. Shawn arrives and the two sleep together again. However Shaun feels something is wrong and leaves early. In her sleep she has a dream of Peter and Laura being killed. The next day she goes back to Tillie's home. However she quickly hides behind a car to avoid being seen. Tillie talks to Shawn about finding Peter and Laura's body's. Maddy then blacks out and has a vison of Tillie's death. Maddy is awaken by a woman. She goes to Tillie's home only to find her dead. She then races over Chris's home because she believes Shawn is causing all the deaths. Maddy then remembers something on the way and races over to Laura's and Peter's home. There, while Chris attempts to stop her from seeing, she finds the dead bodies. She then tells Chris that she believe Shawn is behind the deaths. She heads back to her house while Chris heads over to Shawn's to look for evidence. Also at the same time Shawn is over at Chris's home. Shawn quickly arrives at Maddy's house. There she attempts to attack him, he retaliates and tells Maddy that Chris is the murderer. He shows a mask and knife saying he found them in Chris's home. He then tries to get to Maddy but before he has a chance, Chris kills him by impaling him with an axe. A shocked Maddy demands an explanation.Chris admits to the murders saying that he did so he could have Maddy. The first death was the owner of the company. Killing him made Shawn head and gave Maddy a place to work. He then killed the various people who wanted to stop Maddy from being with him. Maddy strikes him and a small chase begins with Maddy stuck in the bathroom of her flat. In a very Shining-esque moment Chris takes the axe and starts to chop down the door. Before he can reach Maddy however she hits him with a set of scales and runs. She is then trapped in the bedroom and it cuts to black. It then shows Chris heading to Vegas. He pulls over, to a car stuck on the side of the road. The man inside asks for a tire-iron. Chris gets one and considers killing him until he sees he has a wife. They talk for a moment and Chris tells him that he is heading to a wedding. Chris, after helping, and watching the couple head off heads back to the trunk. He opens it revealing a still alive and tied up Maddy. He smiles then shuts the trunk and begins again to Vegas.

Debbie Rochon, Allen Nabors, Danny Wolske, Laura Nativo, Brinke Stevens
Dennis Petersen (III), Devin Hamilton
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