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"It was a simple $15 million art heist... until she walked into the picture."

Body Count is a crime drama that was released in 1998. The film starts out with a gang of thieves attempting to steal fifteen million dollars of art from a museum. However, the heist does not go according to plans, and so the gang flees to the rural south to wait for things to blow over. The gang has numerous violent encounters with the cops along the way, and the end up having a female con artist joining them along the way. This leads to be their eventual undoing. Body Count was directed byRobert Patton-Spruill, and written by Theodore Witcher.

| | 1 hr 25 min | 5.5/10
David Caruso, Linda Fiorentino, John Leguizamo, Ving Rhames, Forest Whitaker
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Robert Patton-Spruill, Robert Patton Spruill
Body Count
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