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The mostly plot-free film is confined to a caf-bar in the lower-middle class Buenos Aires suburb of Villa Crespo, with few trips outside. It tells the story of Freddy (Freddy Flores), a Bolivian with a gentle disposition, who, after Americans burn down the coca fields where he is employed, loses his job. With little work opportunities in Bolivia, he leaves his wife and three daughters and travels to Argentina to search for employment as an undocumented worker. He hopes to make money and later return to his family. He lands a job as a grill cook in a seedy Villa Crespo caf where the brutish owner (Enrique Liporace) is happy to skirt Argentinian immigrant laws in order to secure cheap labor. It is in this caf that Freddy meets the characters who effect his life: Rosa (Rosa Snchez), a waitress of Paraguayan/Argentinian descent, and an outsider by virtue of her mixed blood; Hctor (Hctor Anglada), a traveling salesman from the province of Crdoba who's gay; a porteo taxi driver (Oscar Bertea); and one of the driver's buddies. Freddy also has to deal with various Argentinian caf patrons who view all Paraguayans, Uruguayans, and Bolivians with disdain due to their ethnicity.

Freddy Flores Rosa Snchez
Israel Adrin Caetano
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