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| | 2 hr 57 min | Drama, Action & Adventure, Classics

The highly dramatic movie Braveheart has all of the intense music and cinematography to be rated as an epic in films. The story plot is based on the efforts of the Scottish in trying to free their island country, Scotland, from English rule. The current English ruler is the King of England, Edward the Longshanks, who is now after the Scottish crown.

The actors playing the leading roles are the romantic Mel Gibson and the brilliant Catherine McCormack. Other leading roles are played by Patrick McGoohan, Sophie Marceau, Brendan Gleeson and Tommy Flanagan. Braveheart was first released in 1995 to raving reviews and has since become an iconic legend of film history.

In Braveheart, Mel Gibson plays the role of William Wallace, a daring, handsome, strong hero trying to free his island country from the tyrannical control of the English who are raiding Scotland in search not only of gold but of Scottish women as well.

William Wallace has a personal score to settle with the English who killed both his father and his brother. Although he has managed to survive in Scotland and to have fallen in love with a beautiful Scottish lass, he has not forgotten his past. All of his attempts at surviving fall apart when they kill another of his family. So, William Wallace sets out to free Scotland and is joined in his war efforts against England by Robert the Bruce.

Many film lovers will thrill to the set of Braveheart as the countryside is as deliberately dramatic as the production of Braveheart itself. There is almost a believable point when Mel Gibson ceases to be the legendary actor and becomes William Wallace leading the Scottish in their battle against the English. There are other film lovers who thrill to depictions of actual historical value. The historical movie. Braveheart, keeps much of the real history of the time much like other historical movies.

In the annals of film legends, Mel Gibson will always be one of the legends. His best movie, Braveheart, will become one of the those film legends that will be as familiar to lovers of film as any other important legendary film. Their are few films that become classic or legend and Braveheart is one of those films. Not to see Braveheart is to be lacking in your first hand experience of one of the finest historical movies ever made. You would be remiss in your knowledge of films and in references to Braveheart if you don't see the movie for yourself.

Mel Gibson, Sophie Marceau, Patrick McGoohan, Catherine McCormack, Brendan Gleeson
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