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| | 1 hr 30 min | Horror

When Scott is fired from Wimpy's Diner, he decides to go to his friend Chuck's parents' cottage to relax. They meet two girls by the side of the road, but do not pick them up, reasoning that they have a whole week ahead of them to find girls. That evening, while fishing, Scott has visions of a girl called Anna. While Scott and Chuck are fishing the following day, Scott sees an old castle on an island, which Chuck explains is an abandoned laboratory. In fact, the laboratory is not abandoned, but home to the scientist Atman. Under Atman's control are a group of rollerbabes, led by Spike, who he sends out to eat men in order to preserve their beauty using radio control. One girl, however, Anna, finds herself drawn towards Scott and tries unsuccessfully to escape the island. Scott and Chuck then decide to go rollerblading, but become split up and Chuck is knocked out by two of the rollerbabes and taken back to the castle. Scott is instead targeted by Atman himself, who attempts to attack him with an axe. When he manages to escape, he discoveres the town's Sheriff dragging partially-devoured human flesh from the river, causing him to realise he must rescue Chuck from the castle. When Scott arrives on the island, he meets an elf called Random, who helps him to hide from the Centurions that guard the island. Nevertheless, the rollerbabes manage to catch him and, once in the castle, Scott finds Chuck. They then have to escape by confronting Atman himself.

Lisa Heughan, Paul Noiles
Kalman Szegvary
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Cannibal Rollerbabes