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Children is an Icelandic film. This movie was submitted to the Academy Awards in the Best Foreign Language Film category in 2007. This movie is a drama and was directed by Ragnar Bragason. The movie is about a woman named Karitas. She is a single mother that has four children. Karitas is fighting for custody for her three daughters. Her ex-husband is winning the custody battle. She is so consumed with the thoughts of losing her daughters and the fact that her nursing job just barely makes the bills that she loses sight with what is happening with her son, Gudmund. Gudmund is twelve years old and is constantly bullied at school. His life is on a dangerous road. Gudmund has a different father than his sisters. His father's name is Gardar. Gardar is a criminal. He works as an enforcer in the underground world. Gardar has a twin brother named Georg. When Gardar makes a serious mistake at work, his boss takes it out on Georg and has him beaten to teach Gardar a lesson. Gardar is then exiled from the underworld. His family decides that they want nothing to do with him which forces him to make a decision to change his life. He searches for his son, Gudmund. Gardar has never seen Gudmund. Gardar has to change his lifestyle to a crime free life. This proves difficult for him to follow since the only world he knows is the criminal world. Gudmund has one friend in his life. His friend is a fourty-year-old Schizophrenic named MarinĂ³. MarinĂ³ lives with his mother. They live in the same apartment building as Gudmund, Karitas, and Karitas' three daughters.

| 1 hr 33 min | 7.6/10
Ragnar Bragason