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Chronicle is a 2012 science fiction film directed by Josh Trank and Written by Max Landis. The movie's main characters are Dane Dehaan, Michael B. Jordan, and Alex Russell. This film begins with 3 teenagers, Andrew and Matt who are cousins but never have been very close. Andrew was one of those students that was made fun of a lot and had a very dysfunctional family life. Matt his cousin was more of the popular type in school and was friends with Steve who at the time was running for class president.

Andrew decides to start filming his life with a video camera. Matt invites Andrew to a party to try and get him to have more friends, which doesn't work out so well. Knowing that Andrew has a camera, Matt and Steve ask him to follow them into the woods where they find a hole in the ground with a strange sound and a blue light coming from inside. They all go to investigate, when the noise gets extremely loud, and they all begin to have nose bleeds.

A few days later they all discover that they have special telekinetic abilities. They start experimenting and find out they can have a lot fun together, pulling pranks, and using their new abilities to their advantage. Due to their new abilities, they slowly withdraw from the rest of the world and become stronger and stronger, also developing a very unique bond between them.

Matt comes to the realization by experimenting with his new abilities that it is like a muscle, the more you use it the stronger it becomes. As they all become stronger they also realize it's not all fun and games. There can also be consequences for some of the things they are doing and need to make some rules. But as with all rules, there is always someone who will break them.

This movie shows that people are very different, and react to situations differently. One of them learns that he definitely can use his powers in ways that aren't necessarily good. And it really all depends what you have experienced in life that can show how you handle responsibilities. This movie has lots of lessons to learn, but is very humorous and entertaining. This film is something different than other movies in that it is not predictable. Everything is new and exciting with plenty of action.

| | 1 hr 23 min
Dane DeHaan, Alex Russell, Michael B. Jordan, Ashley Hinshaw, Anna Wood
Josh Trank, Jay Alaimo
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