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| | 12 min | Horror, Foreign

The film begins with the lighting of a birthday cake in the dark, where an unseen figure starts humming "happy birthday". The figure carries the cake to a room but drops it in awe as she sees another unseen person committing suicide by putting her face to a vent. The film then introduces Su-kyoung who is lying down on a moving table ready to go through plastic surgery. She's extremely frightened and nervous, but is being comforted by a friend named Hyeon-su. Hyeon-su has divorced parents and her mother Yoon-hee is a talented and successful plastic surgeon. The women begin to talk and have quite a close relationship. Meanwhile, Su-kyoung's alone and panicking inside the operating room, as she sees a creepy image of a young girl wearing a dress. The girl figure has long dark hair and is covering her face. Yoon-hee then comes in and starts the surgery, informing Su-kyoung that it's her time to be pretty. The day after, Hyeon-su is preparing to celebrate her birthday.

Meanwhile, Hyeon-su's at her art class, creating a sculpture of the beautiful Su-kyoung's face. People in the class begin to compliment Su-kyoung saying she looks more attractive than before, having them wonder whether she lost weight or had something surgically enhanced. Hyeon-su then talks to her friends Jae-hui who have been asking her to tell her about the amazing eye job her mother did on her. While the two girls laugh, joke, and talk, Hyeon-su accidentally cuts through her model's face.

Frightened Su-kyoung screams and runs away in terror. She then descends to the building holding the bloody cheek, where a mysterious voice shrieks in her ear screaming she wants her beautiful face back. When Hyeon-su appears she asks her if everything is okay, and strangely Su-kyoung's bloody cut vanishes. Meanwhile, Hye-won, another girl who's friends with Hyeon-su has been wondering whether to get her eyes or nose done from Yoon-hee.

Stephanie J. Block, Do Ji-won, Shin Se-kyung, Yoo Da-in
Man-dae Bong, Virginia Wilkos
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