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| | 1 hr 45 min | Drama, Music, Romance

It's the summer of 1963, and Baby (Francis Houseman) has always been a daddy's girl. Although, this summer, Baby falls in love when her family goes to a resort in the Catskill mountains in New York. She meets a young man named Johnny who teachers her not only the art of dance, but the meaning of love. Baby's plan was to go to the Peace Corps or go to college, but all of that changes after she begins eyeing the resort's dance instructor, Johnny Castle. Although, Johnny is quite different from Baby herself, and it not typically the type of man her father expects her to date.

Her father gets the wrong idea about Johnny when he puts up money for his friend and dance partner to to get an illegal abortion. Baby father makes an assumption that the baby was his-but it wasn't. After Johnny's dance partner gets incredibly ill from the abortion that went wrong, Baby stands up to take her place. Throughout the dance lessons from Johnny, Baby falls in love despite what her father says.

Dirty Dancing is all about growing up, falling in love and making choices. Choices can affect not only your life but all of the others around you. While some of the choices may not please Baby's father, she realizes she has to stand up for what she believes is true. Her father must learn that Johnny is not the type of man that he has made him up to be, and isn't so bad after-all. Eventually, Baby's father find's out who the baby's father really was and makes an apology to Johnny and finally accepts him for who he is.

The music of Dirty Dancing will get you up off of your feet and make you want to move. The tunes are popular with music from the late 80's and has a beat that will get to the core of your heart. The dance moves are well choreographed and keep you watching all of the way through the movie. Dirty Dancing helps depict a wonderful love story through the art of dance. Girls will find themselves falling in love with Johnny themselves and all of his sexy moves. Some might even wish they were Baby, taking a vacation in the resort in the Catskill Mountains. It is guaranteed that you will laugh, cry and perhaps dance your way through the move. You can have the time of your life, as you watch the story-line and love-story unfold with Baby and Johnny Castle.

Jennifer Grey, Patrick Swayze, Jerry Orbach, Cynthia Rhodes, Jack Weston
Emile Ardolino
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Dirty Dancing
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