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| | 2 hr 19 min | Action, Science Fiction

It is the future. In order to preserve what is left of society, leaders have chosen to break it down into factions. Every person undergoes a test at the age of sixteen to determine the faction in which they belong. In the ideal society, each person has a tendency towards a particular faction. Some people are peaceful and happy, others are intelligent, and still others are built to be the fighters and protectors.

Beatrice takes the test at age sixteen. What happens when she does is totally unexpected: she shows an aptitude for more than one faction. The test proctor tells her that she is divergent and that she is not to tell anyone.

When it comes time to choose a faction she chooses to become part of the dauntless faction. These are the protectors and fighters of the society. They fear nothing. As she goes through initiation she begins finds others that are divergent.

War comes as people realize that society cannot be so easily classified and people want to survive. What will happen to Beatrice and her divergent friends? Can they survive? Will war destroy society or simply turn it in another direction? Divergent is an action packed, psychological science fiction movie.

Shailene Woodley, Theo James, Kate Winslet, Ansel Elgort, Ray Stevenson
Neil Burger
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'Divergent' Sequel Is Going to Be 3D

Prepare yourself for some 3D post-apocalyptic goodness.

Naomi Watts Cast in 'Divergent' Sequels

Say hello to your new Factionless leader! Naomi Watts has been cast in a major role in the upcoming "Divergent" sequels, as confirmed by THR. Watts' role will be that of Evelyn, the woman who becomes the leader of the Factionless, the population in the series' dystopian future who were not selected into, or failed out of, one of the city's five factions. The character of Evelyn has personal ties to some of the main protagonists, and the Factionless become a larger factor in the near-future Chicago's political landscape after the events of "Divergent,"

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Does 'Divergent' Deserve 3 Sequels?

The jury's still out on the question of whether or not "Divergent" is a potential blockbuster franchise, but its studio is already behaving as if it is one. Like "Twilight" and "The Hunger Games," the three books of Veronica Roth's trilogy are going to multiply into four films.

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