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Django Unchained, is an American Western based on multiple classic movie plots including slavery and bounty hunting. Django Unchained was released in the United States on Christmas Day 2012, but has already won many accolades. The movie features some of Hollywood's most famous actors including: Leonardo DiCaprio, Samuel L. Jackson, Don Johnson, and Jamie Foxx as Django Freeman. The storyline of the movie is placed in the mid eighteen hundreds and infuses much of the classic Western genre into the theme of the movie.

The main plot of Django Unchained is based on the life of a famous bounty hunter during the classic time of bandits and outlaws. However, the modern theme and twist that is added is one that has rarely been bridged in Western movies during that time period. Here the issue of slavery and civil rights comes front and center. The blending of the two worlds brings the viewer into a different mindset of the times. In the movie one of the main themes is a Western classic, the storyline of the bounty hunter out to capture notorious "bad guys". However, in this film the bounty hunter befriends a black slave and they work together to capture the band of notorious bandits. The second plot is of no less significance. The plot deepens as a husband and wife who are slaves are separated during a sale, the story also features their struggle to find each other again amidst cruel slave conditions.

The movie has many twists and turns and offers a powerful message about the times. Crossed between the infamous time of cowboys and the great frontier, and the battle over slavery, the movie takes on some epic issues during America's early history in the 1800's.

This is a much different role for Leonardo DiCaprio, here he plays the role of a cruel plantation owner, much to his credit. The plot is about love, racism, slavery, heroism, the wild west, and the issues and problems facing early America.

The movie is the brainchild of Quentin Terantino, who directs this film and also plays a small role in the film. The movie has won much Hollywood acclaim and many awards. Screenwriter and Director Quentin Terantino, has won screenwriter of the year in part for his work on this film. Additionally, the American Film Institute has credited the film as one of the top ten films of the year. The film also has many other awards pending from other film societies, this includes 4 Golden Globe nominations.

Leonardo DiCaprio has already won Best Supporting Actor for his portrayal of Calvin Candie a ruthless slave owner by the National Board of Review. In addition, he has other nominations pending for his supporting role in this film.

The movie does have some strong language, and violent bloody scenes. Viewers should be aware of this before viewing. This movie has all the makings of a classic Western theme, but adds the bold idea of addressing racism of the times.

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