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| 1 hr 20 min

One day, Nobita found a puppy dog drowning in a river while helping the robot's instruments "kennel on the wall" I'm going to start missing it secretly feeding. Puppy is named Nobita "Name" and named the head well and goodName: Nobita and friendship between the soon-born. One day, is named Nobita Name: Nobita was playing with memorabilia of Kendama to find. The city also named Nobita human being abandoned due to dogs and cats are many, Nobita no source of stray cats and stray dogs all over the city's collection, and the situation is out of hand. Name: Nobita who is thinking about the future of the freedom of 300 million years ago to live in a world of machines takes time, live like ray guns evolution of devolution and evolution. Name operate the machine is soon to remember the master of Kendama. "Tomorrow, be sure to come." Name and promised the group was to go home today. The next day, the Time Machine 300 million from the year before, in the space-time "twisting zone" involved in some 300 million years ago, even after 1,000 years to reach the world. In addition, twisting involved in the zone during a time machine parts are skipped in favor of the move means to lose time. However, the era's Name is believed to be descendants of the evolution of dogs and cats by civilized society. So a time machine to find parts of the robot. In this country, they, like bee's Name well, Doug, BURUTARO, Chico and the dog and meet a group of four boys and girls. They NEKOJARA an amusement park run by millionaire "NEKOJARANDO" shadily four NEKOJARANDO parents are missing are the days when it is notified. However, the super-giant asteroids when the earth is trying to collide. Name: Nobita and the possible reunion? More than 300 million years of time and space adventure begins.

Nobuyo yama Noriko Ohara
Tsutomu Shibayama
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Doraemon: Nobita in the Wan-Nyan Spacetime Odyssey