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| | 1 hr 41 min | Drama

The Drugstore Cowboy is a high adrenaline ride of two drug-addicted couples traveling in the Northwest. Set in 1971, the couples steal opiates from pharmacies to satisfy their base cravings. The dreary grey ambiance of Portland gives the film a restless and brooding appeal. The ringleader Bob, played by Matt Dillion, has a confident swagger and a no-holds-barred approach to life. Bob's dynamic interaction with his wife, played by Kelly Lynch, his buddy Rick (James Le Gros), and Rick's teenage girlfriend Nadine (Heather Graham), drives a compelling, us-against-the-world camaraderie. Eventually a terrible tragedy befalls Bob's band of miscreants. This epic event convinces Bob to go straight and give up drugs. Unfortunately, his Dionysian wife and a cameo by beatnik writer William S. Burroughs, makes his struggle for sobriety a difficult task.

Matt Dillon, Kelly Lynch, James LeGros, Heather Graham, James Remar
Gus Van Sant
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Drugstore Cowboy
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