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| | 1 hr 35 min | Comedy, Indie

The film tells the story of Derick and Derwin, two trench-coat wearing neo-Nazis. Both come from deprived family backgrounds, one with alcoholic parents and the other with a father who is a wife-beater. When Derwin is severely assaulted by jocks, he and Derick form a plan to kill students at their school and then commit suicide. It is implied that the date of their attack is set for April 20, 1999, the date of the real-life Columbine High School massacre. The pair buy two shotguns and several handguns from a black market dealer. The next day they open fire in the cafeteria, killing most of the secondary characters, before heading down into the basement where they simultaneously kill each other. A police officer and the school principal enter the school to find a bomb (placed there by the school janitor). When the cop attempts to defuse it, the film implies that the bomb explodes. The final scenes show several people trying to explain their theories on why the massacre occurred. This is a spoof of the moral panic and conspiracy theories presented following the Columbine High shooting.

William Hellfire, Chris Perez, Henry Krinkle, Joey Smack, Lilly Tiger
Joey Smack, William Hellfire
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Duck! The Carbine High Massacre
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