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Zieng is a young man who always works hard and shows the utmost respect to his parents. However, things go terribly wrong one afternoon after he witnesses both his parents viciously slain by an ominous looking man. Deeply affected by what has happened, Zieng perfects his martial arts skills with the purpose of gaining great revenge. While training, Zieng notices that the mysterious killer has been plaguing others in the village as well, as a cattle rustler. Now he is no longer fighting for just selfish reasons, he must fight so that no one else suffers at the hands of this brutal criminal.

| | 1 hr 43 min | 5.2/10
Dan Chupong, Panna Rittikrai, Leo Putt, Samart Tipthamai, Somdej Keawlue
Magnolia Pictures
Chalerm Wongphim, Chalerm Wongpim
Dynamite Warrior

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