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Easy A is a very modern and unique twist to the timeless and classic novel of The Scarlet Letter. Unlike Hester Pryne, Olive Penderghast is not an adulterer and does not have a child. This movie shows a more high school age appropriate view on the novel. Instead of an unclean woman being accused of a sin, it is an innocent teenage girl caught in a whirl wind of lies and misunderstandings. It also deals with the pressures of high school as well as the conflict of what is right and wrong. The story line is captivating to anyone who has had a hard time in high school. The movie has some very real topics as well as some language. It is appropriate for high schoolers and adults.

Emma Stone portrays a very innocent, common, high school girl, Olive Penderghast . The main character lets a little white lie get out about her loosing her virginity. At first she sees positive influence of the lie on her popularity and begins to take advantage of the lie for a financial gain as well. The once innocent girls gets wrapped in the life of lies and eventually sees the strains even the smallest lie can cause.

Olive Penderghast is faced with the decision to tell the truth, even when it meant risking it all. Though one would think a movie about a girl getting away with a lie would be a bad idea, Olive Penderghast suffers her share of painful truth. The movie shows the true fact that even the best of deeds will never go unpunished. This story shows a "little white lie" changing the life of a high school aged girl forever. It is tasteful yet edgy.

Easy A touches base on ever reoccurring topic in high school. Abstinence, homo sexuality, friendship, trust, first love, betrayal, and back stabbing are all common high school issues that are blatantly addressed in this movie. Easy A, though it shares similar issues with The Scarlet Letter, is a truly less complicated, more innocent, and very comedic story line. There is a lesson to be learned from Emma Stones character Olive Penderghast.

Emma Stone, Penn Badgley, Amanda Bynes, Dan Byrd, Thomas Haden Church
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Is Amanda Bynes in more trouble for her strange and erratic behavior? Yes, but the “Easy A” actress is crying serious foul. In fact, she’s so adamant that these new rumors aren’t true, that she’s seeking to sue the ones spreading them. The tabloid InTouch Weekly reported that an unnamed witness had come to them with a juicy story about Bynes. While in a New York tanning salon, the actress, who seemed “totally out of it,” was walking around the salon’s main lobby looking for a pair of goggles to wear—stark naked—before heading back to her private spray-tan room.

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Are drugs the reason behind Amanda Bynes’ suspended (thank you, Lord, finally) license? Judging from a photograph that has recently cropped up, I’d say very possibly. Although there’s no way to tell that it’s Bynes lighting up a suspicious pipe in the pic aside from the fact that it’s totally Bynes, it has people concerned. This includes her friends and family. Insiders close to the “Easy A” actress are coming forth and expressing their worry over Bynes’ new habits, a friend saying, "Amanda is refusing to go to rehab or seek any form of psychiatric treatment or diagnosis, because it's clear something is up with her.

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If you give a mouse a cookie, he'll want a glass of milk. If you give Amanda Bynes car keys, she'll feel compelled to wreck someone else's ride. Suspended license and all, away the former "Easy A" and Nickelodeon star reportedly drove Thursday from a Sunset Boulevard parking structure - and right into another vehicle's bumper. And after that, right into traffic and away from the scene, E! News claims to have footage showing. Bynes allegedly was evading paparazzi in a black BMW with something resembling a blanket covering her face when she "lightly tapped" a white car in front of her.

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Amanda Bynes in (Wait For it) Yet Another Collision

How does this girl still have a license? Amanda Bynes, the cutie next door we grew up admiring, has apparently turned into a considerable menace on the road, adding to her show of vehicle hatred with yet another collision. This time, the "Easy A" actress was rear-ended while driving a rental car. Why was she driving a rental? Because her car is still in the shop, recovering from the last accident she was in. This lady hates cars like poison, apparently. The woman who ran into the peppy blonde on Monday night claims that Bynes “made a dangerous maneuver, causing [her] to break, and bump.

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