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Fast Five is the fifth film in the Fast and The Furious movies that follows Dominic (Vin Diesel) and Brian (Paul Walker) as they experience action and adventure in the world of fast cars and fast women. The movie opens with Dominic being transported to jail. Brian and Dominic's sister attack the bus that is transporting Dominic, freeing him. The three of them escape to Brazil where they plan to steal cars from a train. The vehicles are being protected by Drug Enforcement Agency agents as they were seized as evidence in a criminal case. While stealing the cars, the agents are killed. Dominic and Brian are captured in the ensuring chaos. They are captured by Hernan who is a drug lord and the original owner of the cars. Dominic and Brian are able to escape the evil drug lord and they instantly begin to investigate what it is about those cars that makes them so important.

The team discovers that within the car, there is a computer chip. They examine the computer chip and find out that it contains a map to Hernan's entire criminal enterprise. The map shows the location of over $100 million dollars that Hernan has made selling drugs. The DEA is also upset about the murder of their agents on the train so they, in addition to Hernan's crew, starts coming after the team. The team escapes and argues about whether or not they should try and flee Brazil. The team cannot decide what to do and things are complicated when Dominic's sister discovers that she is pregnant with Brian's child. The team then decides that the best thing to do is steal the drug lord's money and use it to fund their life on the lam.

However, the DEA agents then catch up with the trio and arrest them for murder. The three of them are placed on a plane back to the United States when the drug lord's men attack and kill the DEA agents. The team then finds the drug lord's money in a vault and breaks in. They use their fancy cars to haul the vault through the streets of Rio de Janeiro while being pursued by the police. The group escapes with the money and heads off to a better life. Fast Five is an action adventure film that specializes in dramatic car chases. Dominic and Brian are very proud of their driving skills and they spend a lot of time teasing each other and challenging each to wild races. The film shows a lot of exotic cars as the focus point of its action.

| | 2 hr 11 min | Action, Crime, Thriller
Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Jordana Brewster, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Tyrese Gibson
Justin Lin
Fast Five
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