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| | 1 hr 26 min | Drama

Anas (Anas Reboux) and her older sister, Elena (Roxane Mesquida) are vacationing with their parents on the French seaside. Bored of staying in their vacation home, the two walk into town while discussing relationships and their virginity. Although Elena has been promiscuous, she is saving herself for someone who loves her, while heavy-set Anas thinks it is better to lose one's virginity to a "nobody" just to get it over with. They meet an Italian law student, Fernando (Libero De Rienzo), at a cafe. While Elena flirts with him, Anas orders a banana split. Later, Fernando sneaks into the girls' bedroom for a liaison with Elena. Anas is awake and watches their entire interaction. After a conversation about Fernando's previous relationships with other women, Elena consents to have sex with him, but backs out at the last minute. Frustrated, Fernando pressures her through various means, including threatening to sleep with some other woman just to alleviate himself. Finally, Elena consents to anal sex as a "proof of love", although it is obviously a painful experience for her. In the morning, Fernando asks for oral sex from Elena before he leaves, but Anas has had enough and tells them to let her sleep in peace. The next day, the girls and Fernando go to the beach. Anas sits in the ocean in her new dress and sings to herself while Elena and Fernando go off alone together. Later, as the girls are reminiscing about their childhood together back at the house, Elena reveals that Fernando has given her a mauve opal engagement ring while at the beach. That night, Elena gives up her virginity to Fernando as Anas silently cries on the other side of the room. Fernando's mother comes to the house demanding her mauve opal ring back, which her son secretly took from her. Since their father has gone home early, the girls' mother must drive them back to their home outside of Paris. After a long day battling traffic, the three pull into a rest area to catch some sleep. During the night, a man with an axe suddenly breaks in the windshield, swings his axe against the head of Elena in the passenger seat, and strangles the mother in the driver's seat. Anas quietly leaves the back seat of the car, but the killer follows her into the nearby woods and rapes her. In the morning, while the police are escorting her from the scene, Anas insists that she was not raped and that it was consensual, referring to her earlier intention to lose her virginity to someone who doesn't matter.

Anais Reboux, Roxane Mesquida, Libero De Rienzo, Arsinee Khanjian, Romain Goupil
Catherine Breillat
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Fat Girl
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