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| | 2 hr 22 min | Comedy, Drama, Romance

Forrest Gump is the type of movie that people love because it made them laugh, and at the same time, it gave rise to good points throughout the movie. Forrest Gump is about the story of a man who is named Forrest Gump who is a little slow. Despite that, the movie is fantastic and comes up with memorable sayings that you still hear today. Such as "Run Forrest Run!" 

The movie uses a unique idea and takes it to the fullest. Forrest also has a love interest who is known as Jenny. Forrest has known Jenny since childhood when he was first being bullied by these kids, she was the one who said "Run Forrest run!" Another notable fact about Jenny is that she is abused by her father, and she can run almost as fast as Forrest.

At one point in the movie Forrest meets JFK in a rather humorous way. He also meets a Vietnam war veteran who is an atheist and lost his leg. They later go on to purchase a shrimp boat that they call "Bubba Gump Shrimp Co."

The movie has some emotional points in it, but overall it maintain a hilarious vibe throughout. 

The movie has received major success selling over eight million copies globally. That year, Forrest Gump was the most popular film. 

The movie has also inspired marathon runners who want to run across the country. Whenever such an event is undertook, Forrest Gump is often the movie that is referenced as the inspiration for them doing so. 

Despite Forrest's below average intelligence, he is accepted into a university because of how fast he can run. Forrest is later taken away to an anti-war protest where he meets Jenny again. 

The movie makes a lot of historic references which makes it well worthwhile to the history buffs out there. Historic references include how Vietnam veterans were treated when they returned, the watergate scandal and the shooting of John F. Kennedy. 

This film is a good mix between humor and education. If you are looking for a movie that will make you laugh and teach you something, then this is the type of movie that will do that and more. If you have never seen Forrest Gump, then you absolutely must watch this beloved film. In 2011 the Library of Congress selected Forrest Gump as one of the movies that should be preserved.

Tom Hanks, Robin Wright, Gary Sinise, Mykelti Williamson, Sally Field
Robert Zemeckis
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