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| | 1 hr 26 min | Comedy

The 2012 teenage film Fun Size was wrote by Max Werner and was directed by Josh Schwartz. The film will feature some of the most sought after workers such as Victoria Justice and Jane Levy. The one name that most people know of right off the bat is Chelsea Handler. This movie was produced by Nickelodeon Movies along with Fake Empire Productions.

The setting of the film will begin in Cleveland, Ohio where Victoria Justice (Wren Desantis) is invited to what is known as the party of the year for Halloween. She is invited to this party by the boy that she has a crush on. While she wants to go to this party she has been ordered by her mother to babysit her kid brother, Albert when she goes out to go trick or treating. She decides to take him to a haunted house where she finds him missing. Once she finds that he is gone, she decides she must take matters into her own hands to keep her mother from finding out. She must also do all of this before he finds all the candy.

Victoria Justice will then borrow a wagon from some older gentlemen and she is then off to find her kid brother. Throughout the movie, you see the gang of kids all become close and eventually end up as best friends by the closing of the movie. While they are searching for Albert, he is too busy finding his own friend Fuzzy. While Peng and April become closer, they all end up going thru a lot of tribulations and trials while trying to find Wren's Brother Albert.

Overall, this movie is easy going and a good movie to see as a family. If you want a movie that is somewhat clean in language and is hilarious, this movie is the one for you!

Of all the movies that are out today for teenagers, this movie is amongst the best for them to see. The reason for this is because of all the movies out, this one has the least amount of violence as well as cursing. With more and more movies being released with more content in them that should have been cut prior to the shipping and release of these types of movies, it is important that you know what your children and family members are watching.

Victoria Justice is one of the more popular actresses amongst the women currently starring in a number of films. This is why it is so important that children, adults and other individuals find it helpful and useful to know about a movie prior to actually attending the movie. Keep this in mind when opting to go to the movies with friends and family.

Victoria Justice, Jane Levy, Thomas McDonell, Jackson Nicoll, Riki Lindhome
Josh Schwartz
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