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| | 1 hr 42 min | Comedy, Cult Movies

June works at her uncle Joe's gas station, and business isn't doing so good. The gas station has been open for 25 years, and now there's competition from Mr. Friendly, who owns a gas station across the street. Bad things keep happening to them and get worse when June's uncle has an heart attack and can't run the business anymore. June decides to take over the gas station for Joe until he gets better.

June hires her best friends to work with her, and they want to make the gas station popular again. June's female friends work as gas pump attendants, and they don't really dress like the traditional gas pump attendants. June's male friends work at the gas station too, as mechanics. June's new team is doing really good, and business is the best it's ever been. Mr. Friendly gets jealous of June's success and hires gang members to kill June.

The mobsters threaten June's life but they don't kill her because they get distracted by June's friends. Since Mr. Friendly plan didn't work he tells the gasoline company to stop delivering gasoline to June and they do. June can't figure out why the gasoline company has stopped giving her gasoline. June struggles to find gasoline so she steals gasoline from Mr. Friendly, but runs out again.

June goes to the headquarters of the gasoline company, and they don't let her enter. June and her friends pretend to work for the company and they get in. June tells them Mr. Friendly posed as her uncle, and the company is so mad with Mr. Friendly they stop giving gasoline, and his business goes out of business. The gasoline company is really sorry about the accident and June starts back getting gasoline again. Uncle Joe has recovered from his heart attack, and takes over his gas station again, that's now very popular thanks to June and her friends.

Kirsten Baker, Dennis Bowen, Huntz Hall, Sandy Johnson, Leslie King
Joel Bender
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Gas Pump Girls
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