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Gudgudee is a romantic musical from India about temptations of a married man Ajay Prasad. He has been married for a few years and lives with his wife and only son in a rural India. His family receives an invitation to go to Bombay for a wedding. But his wife and son are prevented from going, so Ajay decides to go all by himself. His humble everyday life is soon changed as he is taken to stay in an upper class apartment. There he meets a beautiful neighbor, a single young woman who is a star of many commercials and advertisements. He decides to pursue a relationship with her.

| | 2 hr 15 min
Anupam Kher, Deb Mukherjee, Jugal Hansraj, Pratibha Lonkar, Pratibha Sinha
Basu Chatterjee, Basu Chaterjee