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| | 1 hr 39 min | Animation, Music

Erik is the song of Gloria and Mumble, and he is not as excited to dance as the other penguins are in Emperor-Land. When he first tries to dance he ends up stuck in the ice upside down and pees in embarrassment making him subject for bullying much like his father was. Erik and his friends end up finding Lovelace and Sven (a puffin) who show them moss after telling the young penguins that they were saved by humans once. Mumble goes out on a search for his son following his tiny footprints and finds him in Adelie-Land and orders him to return home.

Erik is sent home with Mumble by Sven whom Erik has a vast fascination with. Mumble tells Erik that he will find what he is good at when the time comes but Erik refuses to listen. When the two are about to cross an icy bridge the beach master refuses to let them pass and then the ice begins to crack beneath them. The beach master is trapped and Mumble tries to help him and ends up waking a sleeping lion seal.

Eric and Mumble return to find that the emperor penguins are trapped by a wall of ice with no way to get more fish. They start bringing small morsels of fish to ensure the survival while they try and find a way to rescue them. Erik tries to fly and is scolded by Mumble who tells him that penguins can not fly.

Mumble tries to dance and knock snow into a crevice to force the ice to separate but some of the penguins get her. At a last attempt to save his friends and family he goes to the beach master to plead for their help to free the other penguins. He refuses and Erik starts stating how he is not kind at all. Eventually after sings a song the seals leave the beach to go help bust the penguins out. Some krill below the eyes slam into the ice while all the other penguins and seals slam themselves into the ice until it finally breaks and they are again reunited.

E.G. Daily, Elijah Wood, Robin Williams, Alecia Moore, Hank Azaria
George Miller
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Happy Feet 2
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