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| | 1 hr 27 min | Animation, Comedy, Drama, Musical

In Brooklyn during the Eisenhower era, Vinnie (voice of Richard Romanus) serves as the leader of a gang named "the Stompers". His best friend, Crazy Shapiro (David Proval), more than lives up to his moniker. Crazy's detective father, Solly, hates his son and routinely tries to kill him. Vinnie meets and falls for Rozzie (Tina Romanus). The next day, Vinnie waits until evening for Roz to show up before leaving with Crazy for a night on the town; Roz has been chained to her bed by her father so she will not be tempted to "do anything." At the end of the night, Vinnie and Crazy go to sleep on the beach, and when they wake up the next morning, they find that themselves close to a group of showering women and their mobster husbands. While Crazy inches over to the ladies, Vinnie finds a dead body buried in the sand. The screams of Vinnie and the women alert the mobsters, who beat up Crazy.
Vinnie runs off, finding himself on the black area of the beach where he bumps into Boogaloo (Philip Michael Thomas) and his gang, the Chaplains; Vinnie sets up a rumble between their gang and the Stompers. Vinnie later meets up with Roz and the girl Crazy dates, Eva (Jesse Welles); Crazy has meanwhile killed all the mobsters. The four head out to a party where Vinnie tells the Stompers that they are going to fight with the Chaplains, to which the gang responds negativity. Much of the gang and their girls head out to a rock and roll show. Sal (Candy Candido) and his girl have a run-in with Boogaloo while driving, and wind up in a car crash on the stage of the show. Vinnie finally persuades the Stompers to rumble with the Chaplains.
At a drive-in fast food restaurant, Vinnie and Crazy make out with their girls. When Roz spots a car that she thinks Boogaloo is in, Crazy is quick to drive off after it. Crazy ends up shooting two of the black gang members in an alley, much to Vinnie's shock. When Vinnie heads out of town, Crazy has sex with Roz on the pier. Solly investigates the death of the two black gang members. He questions Boogaloo, who tells him that he should be looking for the Stompers. Back at the pier, Solly fights with Crazy. As he is losing, Crazy tells his father that Vinnie killed the gang members. Vinnie returns in time for the rumble between the Chaplains and the Stompers. As the two gangs wait for Boogaloo to show up, Solly drives up, ready to arrest Vinnie. On the rooftop of a nearby building, Crazy begins shooting randomly towards the street, causing both gangs to begin shooting at each other, and fights against his own hallucinationsincluding garbage can monsters and giant naked women. Vinnie tries to run and is shot at by Solly. Crazy jumps off the rooftop, landing on Solly, killing himself and Solly at the same time. As Roz calls up a radio station to make a memorial request in honor of Vinnie's apparent demise, he stands up and walks away, leaving Brooklyn. In 1980s-era Long Island, an old man in a trench coat tells the whole story to an obese womanthe two are Vinnie and Rozzie. Vinnie tries to explain to Roz why he left, be she tells him he must prove himself.

Richard Romanus, David Proval, Tina Bowman, Jesse Welles, Angelo Grisanti
Ralph Bakshi
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Hey Good Lookin'