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| | 2 hr 24 min | Comedy, Drama, Romance, Foreign

Three bachelors, Arush (Akshay Kumar), Tannay (Ritesh Deshmukh) and Ali (Al) (Fardeen Khan) are enjoying life in Sydney, Australia by drinking and bedding numerous girls without ever holding a serious relationship. However, one morning they find a baby girl on their doorstep, with a note commanding the father to take care of his daughter. Not knowing which out of the three is the father, they decide to share responsibility for the baby for the time being. However, soon the girl begins to ruin their outlook on life: carefree and full of fun. Tannay and Arush lose their jobs, and Al loses 30,000 dollars on a cricket match whilst gambling. Not only this, but they are not able to sleep with numerous girls on a daily basis anymore and rarely get enough sleep. Therefore, they begin to hate her, and finally, decide to leave her on the steps of a church. Afterward, they retreat to a bar, sullen even though they had collectively decided this would be best. Soon, rain suddenly begins to fall heavily. Realizing someone might not have picked up the baby from the steps of the church yet, they rush to make sure the baby is safe. When they reach the church, however, they find the baby unconscious and barely breathing, water filled in her lungs. They rush to the hospital, but doctor tells them that she is in horrible condition and might not be able to survive the night. The three spend a sleepless night at the hospital, ridden with guilt at having blamed her for their misfortunes and leaving her outside on the steps of the church and blaming themselves for her condition. Ali, who had deserted his family religion of Islam through the years, prays to Allah for the first time in years, promising to become a good Muslim if the baby is saved. The next morning, on Christmas Day, the doctor tells them that a miracle has occurred and the baby girl has survived. The three go to meet her and vow to always protect her and love her. Soon the three are transformed from partying bachelors into caring, doting fathers over their baby girl, "Angel". But their world falls apart when a woman barges in with police and takes their Angel away. This woman is Isha, an old lover of Arush's. Isha was told that she had given birth to a dead baby boy by her father, who had then dropped the baby onto the doorstep of his father. Isha had been someone Arush had met at a wedding a year or two back. Upon seeing her he wanted to sleep with her, and to do so he deceived her into believing he loved her. Once they had slept together, Arush planned to allow them to go their separate ways, but Isha actually did fall in love with him. When she leaves for the airport, he feels guilty about having given an empty promise to follow her. He is sitting in his room when one of Isha's friends, who had desired him, tries to seduce him. He tries to avoid her attempts, but Isha, who had decided to return and leave with Arush, comes to find her friend on top of him and assumes the worst. She left before he could catch up to her and explain himself. After returning to Sydney, he had tried to contact her, but she had changed her contact information and he had not heard of her since then, instead returning to his normal life. Upon recounting this tale to his two friends, he realizes that he actually does love Isha, and not only does he need to get Angel back for the three men, but he also desires to retrieve Isha as well. He sets out to convince her. However, she does not believe he loves her and does not concede, instead telling him that she will leave the country with Angel. Arush, however, reminds her that he, too, is Angel's parent. They concoct a contract: if Isha does not get married within 7 days, the custody of Angel will return to him. If she does, however, she would be allowed to leave the country and Arush would not follow. When he arrives back home to Al and Tannay, he tells them what has happened, and the three make a plan. The next day, they plot Al at Isha's doorstep in changed attire as a professor and a possible husband. Since he does so well with Angel, Isha considers him as a possible husband and agrees to spend more time with him. The three men's plan is working; they want to waste as much time as they can of Isha's with Al so that she will not be able to marry. However, two days after her and Al meet, she proposes that they marry, telling him the condition in which she is in. In order to get him out of the situation, they immediately pose Al as a mean man when the two visit a carnival. He is very mean to kids, and the kids are eventually saved by a clown, who is Tannay in disguise. He takes up the place of Al as a possible suitor, in the guise to buy more time for the three men. This works for a while, but eventually Isha finds out about the three men's plot. She considers the contract broken on Arush's end, so thus considers it fair game to leave the country with Angel, and depart to do so. The three men catch up with her just as she is boarding the plane, and plead with her not to go, but she does not agree. They cry as they see Angel disappear from their lives forever, and return to their home with low spirits. However, suddenly Isha appears with Angel. The final scene depicts the five of them living happily ever after: Arush with Isha, and Angel with her three fathers and mother.

Akshay Kumar, Fardeen Khan, Ritesh Deshmukh, Vidya Balan
Sajid Khan
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Heyy Babyy
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