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| | 1 hr 34 min | Action, Animation, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Thriller, Foreign

Jaka Sembung (also titled The Warrior for international distribution) is a 1981 Indonesian fantastique martial arts movie, based on a character of the same name on a comic book by Djair. Directed by Sisworo Gautama, one of the best-known Indonesian action directors, Jaka Sembung has established its position as a classic Indonesian action movie. Main roles are played by Barry Prima (the title role), Dicky Zulkarnaen (Commander Van Schram), Eva Arnaz (Surti), and Indo actress Dana Christina (Maria van Schram). Jaka Sembung has many sequels, such as Jaka Sembung vs Si Buta (The Warrior against Blind Swordsman), Bajing Ireng vs Jaka Sembung (Jaka Sembung vs the Ninja), Jaka Sembung and Dewi Samudra, and Jaka Sembung vs Bergola Ijo.

Barry Prima, Eva Arnaz, W.D. Mochtar, Dana Christina
Sisworo Gautama Putra
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Jaka Sembung