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There are been many movies made into sequels. People like the movie and the characters so much that they cannot seem to get enough of them. The comedy Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back is the next installment in this movie series. Jay and Silent Bob were first seen in the movie Clerks before getting their own storyline. The movie is directed by Kevin Smith who also plays silent Bob. His costar is Jason Mewes. The movie also features appearances by Shannon Elizabeth, Will Ferrell , Ben Afflick, and many other top comedians.

In the past Jay and Silent Bob (who does not speak often) have gotten into some trouble. They had a restraining order against them and got caught selling drugs. The pair finds out that a comic book based on them called Bluntman and Chronic has hit it big. Now Jay and Silent Bob want to royalties they feel they deserve. They find out a movie is being made about them and set out for Hollywood to save the movie from bad reviews and to get their money.

Along the way to Hollywood they meet an interesting group of people. They befriend a group of mostly women who are animals rights activities but also robbers. An alarm is sounded during the robbery but Jay and Silent Bob manage to escape. One of the girls named Suzie is taken away from them and now the guys are also on a quest to get her back.

When the pair finally makes it to Hollywood they find themselves right in the middle of a news story about the robbery. After a chase around the studio they find themselves in the dressing rooms of the actors who are playing Bluntman and Chronic in the movie. Suzie comes and beat the two actors so Jay and Silent Bob can take their rightful place in the movie. The adventure does not stop there. They have several on screen battles and are come out on top in the end. Jay and Silent Bob finally get their royalty money that they were in search of. They use their money for a good cause. They travel to the town of every person that gave the movie a bad review and beats them up. This includes children, women, and members of religious organizations. The movie ends with the two of them and the cast going to a live music performance.

Kevin Smith, Jason Mewes, Shannen Doherty, Ben Affleck, James Van Der Beek
Kevin Smith
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Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back
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