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Johnny(Pawan Kalyan) loses his mother when he was a kid. After his mother dies, Johnny runs away from his father(Raghuvaran) as he is a chain smoker, a drinker, and doesn't care for his son. Years later, Johnny becomes a martial arts coach. One day, a girl named Geeta (Renu Desai) lodges a complaint on Johnny for beating up a man. Later, Geeta comes to know that it was a misunderstanding. After Geeta apologizes, both become friends and eventually get married. A while after the marriage, Johnny finds out that his wife has cancer. Borrowing all money he can from his friends, he movies to Mumbai but he is still short of the money needed to treat his wife's cancer. That's when Johnny comes to know through a stranger that there are boxing fights everyday. At first, Johnny refuses the offer but as soon as he sees the terrible condition of his wife, he accepts the offer and goes through boxing competitions to raise money. Geeta's condition deteriorates to a point that Johnny needs 2 lakhs overnight. The owner of the boxing fights makes a deal with Johnny that he must fight two professional martial artists to get 2 lakhs overnight. The rest is how he defeats them.

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