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Prithviraj, a software architect by profession who lives in Malaysia, is the millionaire nephew of Radharavi. Having lost his parents early in life, Prithvi runs the business of his uncle with impressive results. He stumbles upon the psychiatry student Sandhya, in the most cinematic manner, and as script would have it, falls for her that very instant. Sandhya is the daughter of Commissioner of Police Satyaraj and husband of Radhika in Chennai. As the fairy tale progresses, Sandhya is being summoned by her parents for their silver jubilee wedding anniversary back home. Notwithstanding the fact that he has a flourishing business to attend to and much to the wrath of his uncle - who arranges for his wedding with his business partners daughter - Prithvi takes the next flight to Chennai to accompany Sandhya. He is subjected to a warm welcome by Radhika and cold shoulder by Satyaraj. To make matters worse, Radharavis vicious character assassination in the name of a complaint he sends to the Police Commissioners office doesnt help Prithvi in the task of gaining enough confidence among his girlfriends parents. Will Prithvi ever win his love back, now that his chance of impressing Sandhyas parents are doomed, forms the rest of the story. Kannaamoochi Enadaa thus sledges its way towards a rather predictable ending adding yet another array of characters during the process. This is a remake of the English film Guess Who.

Prithviraj Sandhya Sathyaraj Radhika Sripriya
V. Priya
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Kannamoochi Yenada
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