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Over the past few years, Katy Perry has made a name for herself in many different media outlets. Radio, television, touring and the internet have been very kind to her, and she has made a career out of simply being herself. With 2012's "Part of Me", a feature length film chronicling Perry's journey from her Christian roots to the singer that people are familiar with today.

The movie is not only about her professional life, but her personal struggles as well. These include trying to distance herself from an image that she grew up with, coming to terms with her superstardom, and her relationship with (and ultimately divorce from) Russel Brand. Mixed in with the various scenes of Perry's life, "Part of Me" also features performances from the "California Dreams" tour, giving viewers a look at what a Katy Perry concert experience is like.

Released in 3D, "Part of Me" was geared toward fans of all ages, and simply tried to let people further into the life of Katy Perry. It gave viewers the opportunity to get to know more about Perry's life, and learn about her throughout each stage of her life. Performances of Perry's from her childhood, from earlier and unreleased albums, as well as videos of Perry's family and friends build the complete picture of the young woman's life a career. Even the personal moments - fights, mistakes, drama - are all documented for the world to see.

This film also includes cameo appearances by other celebrities and musicians. Some, like Ellen DeGeneres are people that have helped and promoted Perry throughout her career, but others like Adele, Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga and Rihanna provide the perspective of other musical talent on Perry's rise to fame.

This movie was made to give people the chance to see what it's like to live the life of a very popular and talented female singer, and over the course of it's length it does just that. "Part of Me" is a movie that follows Katy Perry throughout her life's journey from childhood to 2011, and holds very little back. The extensive amount of effort that went into the filming and promotion of this movie is a testament to how much work Perry and her entourage went through to make everything possible.

Although Perry's wardrobe is sometimes a bit revealing, and some of her lyrical (and video) content is not for a younger crowd, "Part of Me" is an overall enjoyable movie. It would have been extremely difficult to remain ignorant to Katy Perry over the last few years, and this "3D experience" gives people a glimpse into the very interesting life of a talented young woman - as well as sends a message to other young people that have dreams of fame and fun.

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