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| | 1 hr 57 min | Action, Crime

Kick-Ass is a high-flying, action-comedy centered around an average, nerdy comic book loving high schooler named Dave who decides to take a stand for what's right and defend those who can't defend themselves after witnessing countless acts of crime and victimization. Dave Lizewski (played by Aaron Johnson) is an avid comic book reader living and going to high school in New York. He and his friends talk about comic books and fantasize about super hero's while he quietly pines for his crush Katie. After witnessing one-too-many crimes in the city gone unpunished, Dave buys some scuba gear, and crudely puts it together to become Kick-Ass, a real, live vigilante and superhero. Things are fine at first as Dave sets up a Myspace page where he can be reached as Kick Ass to help those in need.

Things take a sour turn when Dave tries to stop a guy who has been harassing his crush. He ends up killing and witnessing the killings of several henchmen of one of the City's most revered crime bosses, Frank D'Amico, who's son Chris is poised to take over the family business but is less than capable as a frail, geeky comic book nerd. Kick Ass meets two other super hero's. A Batman-esque man named "Big Daddy" played by Nicholas Cage, and his sidekick daughter "Hit Girl", played by Chlose Moretz Grace, both whom have massive assassin skills.

Eventually the team is caught by Frank A'Amico and his crew after using his son Chris to lure the hero's into a trap. This is done when Chris dresses up and calls himself "Red Mist". Later on, Big Daddy and Kick Ass are tortured and beaten on a live internet stream which is fed to the news, which Dave's own friends and now girlfriend Katie all see. The beatings are stopped when Hit Girl, who was believed to be dead rushes the room and kills everyone except Kick Ass and Big Daddy, but it is too late, Big Daddy has died.

In the end, Hit Girl and Kick Ass team up and take out Frank D'Amico. But at the end of the film, Red Mist indicates from his father's chair that he will return, as a villain! The Sequel to Kick-Ass is due out next year.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Nicolas Cage, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Mark Strong (II), Chloe Grace Moretz
Matthew Vaughn
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