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| | 2 hr 10 min | Art House & International

The film opens at a function celebrating the launch of a book "Kayi Unkahi Batein" (a few untold things) by Professor Siddharth Das. The professor explains that the book has 9 and a half love stories. The last story is unfinished because, the professor says with a grim tone, he was never able to think of the ending. The professor donates a copy of the book to J C College. Some time after, the principal of the college deposits the book into the abandoned store room, and silences his staff when they ask why he has removed it from library circulation. Some secrets, he mutters, are best left buried. The film introduces a bunch of college kids at J C College: Manav, recently returned from USA; Shanti, his childhood sweetheart and fiancee; Kabir, Akshay, Nupur, and Talli, all friends. These kids attend college, play pranks on each other and have a jolly old time. The film takes a turn when Disha starts college. Disha is a stunning beauty, and she soon catches Manav's eye. Although Manav is engaged to Shanti, he finds himself strangely drawn to Disha. Disha joins the gang of kids and participates in their exploits, but gradually begins spending time with just Manav. Shanti is perturbed by this but Manav explains that he feels strangely protective of Disha, and that his real love is towards Shanti. Strange things happen at Manav and Shanti's engagement function. A chandelier suddenly drops off the ceiling and nearly kills Disha (Manav pushes her away in the nick of time). Various other telekinetic events transpire when the group drives Disha home. Their car breaks down and they are forced to spend the night at an old halfway house, Krishna Cottage. The events intensify at Krishna Cottage, and two of the folks are nearly killed that evening. Disha finally explains that the spirit of her dead boyfriend Amar Khanna is chasing her and causing mischief with those around her. Manav gets drawn closer to Disha. At a chance encounter in the library, Disha indicates that "Kahi Unkahi Batein" is her favorite book. Their rendezvous is crashed by the bumbling Talli. Talli picks up the book and passes it on to Nupur. Nupur reads it that evening. She discovers that the book exposes a sinister connection with Disha and the college. She calls Talli in a fright, but she is murdered by a mysterious force before Talli arrives. Talli grabs the book and comes back to the college campus, but finds that Kabir is murdered there. Talli overhears an animated conversation between Professor Siddharth Das and the college principal. The professor explains that the book is jinxed. Except for a handful of copies from its initial print run, it never reached the market. Vans, trucks and ships transporting the book met with various mysterious and inexplicable accidents (e.g. self-incineration). The professor is mystified that the book is no longer in the store room, but strongly cautions the principal that he must have it back and that it must be destroyed. Meanwhile, Shanti arrives at Disha's home. She is tired of Disha making moves on her man, and wants to settle it right there. She meets Disha's mother and agitatedly asks for Disha to come out. The mother drops a shocking bombshell. Disha has been dead 22 years back. Shanti is stunned and confused and frightened. She runs away. Hotly pursued by Disha's spirit through the woods, she collapses on the highway next to a small kali mandir. Whe she awakens, she finds herself at the home of a noted astrologer and seance medium Sunita Menon, surrounded by Manav, Akshay and Talli. Sunita explains that there is a dark aura around Shanti. Inspite of their disbelief, she performs a seance that evening and invokes Disha's spirit. The spirit arrives, works through Sunita's body, and angrily exclaims its quest for the death of the kids. Talli figures out that the secret behind the spirit is in the book. He runs off to Krishna Cottage to retrieve the book. No sooner than he reads the unfinished story, he is murdered by the spirit. Sunita and the rest of the gang follow another trail back to the professor. When they arrive, they find they are too late: the professor has burnt the last few pages of his copy of the book and has been killed by the spirit. Manav deduces, from some of the book fragments in the fire, that it all had something to do with a location at a nearby hill station. They rush to this location in the mountains. Manav discovers a body buried (preserved) in the ice on the mountain. The body bears an uncanny similarity to him! This brings back a flood of memories and visions. He recalls himself (or his likeness, Amar Khanna) and Disha as students of J C College many years ago. Disha was madly in love with him and wanted to marry him. He turned her down because he loved her as a friend, and nothing more. Scorned and angry, she went on a rampage and drove away with Amar. She crashed the car into the side of the mountain. Amar was thrown through the windshield and fell to his death. As the cops arrived, the professor and the principal were witnesses to the scene of Amar's death. And now, Disha has returned after all these years, to claim her lost love. Sunita suggests the only remaining way to stop Disha. Manav and Shanti must be married (so as to bind their destinies together forever); this bond is too strong even for a spirit. The wedding ceremony commences that night. Disha's spirit arrives again and attacks the ceremony. Manav and Shanti attempt to fight it off, but the spirit is too strong for them. Manav then accepts to go with the spirit, but informs the spirit that while the spirit may claim his body and soul, his heart and destiny belong to his wife Shanti. This finally quiesces the spirit and liberates it. The film ends with Manav and Shanti happily married.

Isha Koppikar, Natasha, Rati Agnihotri, Sohail Khan
Santram Varma
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Krishna Cottage