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| | 2 hr 36 min | Action, Comedy, Drama, Romance

Vetrivel (Vijay) is a fun-loving young man who takes care of his family in his father's, Singamuthu, (Manivannan) absence. Car racing is his favourite hobby. He and his inseparable comrade Ops (Vivek) make a deadly duo. Their carefree life is disturbed when the house-owner asks Vetrivel's family to vacate the house since their rent is overdue. On enquiry, a shocked Vetri learns that rent payments have been irregular since some months. Discomfited at the confusion and chaos, Vetri investigates why his father could not pay the rent; he unearths the devilish dealings of a don Koccha (Suman) and the functioning of his entire network. Finding that Koccha is based in Malaysia, Vetrivel and Ops fly to Malaysia, as 'Kuruvi' (courier), the trade jargon for low-level contraband carriers. He steps into the group at a time when internal rivalry and problems are surfacing in Koccha's family. Koccha's darling sister Devi (Trisha Krishnan) has refused to marry her cousin, the boy approved by her family members. Irritated and preoccupied, nobody wants to devote any time or attention to resolve Vetrivel's problem. Vetrivel is abused, harassed, suffers more ill-treatment and is thrown out of Koccha's place without any help rendered. These callous actions enrage the young man. Totally enraged, with a do-or-die attitude, deciding to get his work done no matter who gets hurt, Vetri becomes a veritable suicide machine and launches into a terrific scuffle with the dangerous gang. Determined to return only after the issue is solved to his satisfaction, motivated by an urge to reveal the truth, Vetrivel conceals himself in Koccha's palace-like residence. Outside, the whole world is ready to welcome yet another New Year. Festivities and a feeling of happiness and anticipation envelop everybody. For Vetrivel, it is a different feeling of celebration, one of achievement and victory. Armed with convincing proof to trap Koccha, he steps out of the dangerous dwelling and there, finds company in the form of Devi. With a quick change of plan, he adds Devi too in his plan; when the New Year begins, Vetri, Ops and Devi fly away from Malaysia. The rest of the film is how Kuruvi goes to Kadapa, Andhra Pradesh and discovers a slave camp run by Kocha and his associate Konda Reddy (Ashish Vidyarthi), at the collieries and also finds his long lost father. Kuruvi single handedly takes on the mining mafia and finally annihilates them.

Trisha Krishnan, Vijay
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