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Lady Caroline Lamb is a 1972 film based on the life of the notorious Lady Caroline Lamb, lover of Lord Byron and wife of Prime Minister Viscount Melbourne. The film was written and directed by Robert Bolt and starred his wife, Sarah Miles, as Lady Caroline. Other stars included Jon Finch as the long-suffering Mr Lamb (a role first offered to Timothy Dalton), Laurence Olivier as the Duke of Wellington, Richard Chamberlain as Byron, and Ralph Richardson as King George IV. The film received mixed critical reviews, and was a box-office failure; the film was criticized both for its historical inaccuracies (the timing of William Lamb's political career, the portrayal of Byron as a tall, handsome man who lacked his characteristic limp) and for its own (lack of) merits. Positive reviews praised Miles' performance and Bolt's direction, which was clearly inspired by his frequent collaborator David Lean. The film's failure dissuaded Bolt from further directorial work, and may have contributed to his break up with Sarah Miles. The film had an atmospheric music score composed by Richard Rodney Bennett, who later based a concert work, Elegy for Lady Caroline Lamb for viola and orchestra, on some of the material.

Sarah Miles, Jon Finch, Richard Chamberlain, Laurence Olivier
Robert Bolt
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Lady Caroline Lamb