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"No place to hide... Nowhere to run..."

Le Cercle rouge, or "The Red Circle," is a French film from 1970. It is a crime film set in Paris and stars Alain Delon, a French heartthrob of the 70s and reliable box office draw. It follows a gang of thieves as they painstakingly carry out a jewel heist and attempt to escape with the materials. The movie is known today for its understated and deliberate pace. It is also remembered as a masterpiece of early 70s cinematography, film editing and visual storytelling. One classic sequence is almost half an hour long and does not contain any dialogue whatsoever.

| | 1 hr 40 min | 8.1/10
Alain Delon, Bourvil, Gian Maria Volonte, Yves Montand, Francois Perier
Rialto Pictures
Jean-Pierre Melville
Le Cercle rouge

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