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Leap Year is a romantic comedy that was released in 2010. The film stars Amy Adams and Matthew Goode. Leap Year centers around an ancient Irish legend that says that if a man is proposed to on February 29th of Leap Year, he must say yes. Anna Brady, who is played by Amy Adams, decides that this legend is true so she decides that this leap year she will propose to her boyfriend Jeremy. Unfortunately, on her plane ride to Ireland there is a massive storm and her flight is diverted. Anna must go through all sorts of hoops to make her way to Ireland. She even enlists the help of a crotchy old man, Declan, to get her there. Declan operates a taxi service and Anna decides to hire him.

Declan's car is old and falling apart and he only agrees to take Anna to her boyfriend in Dublin because he desperately needs the money. Anna and Declan are a mismatch from the beginning. He is easy-going and salt of the earth and she is high maintenance. Declan even makes fun of Anna's expensive luggage which ends up getting stolen on the trip, much to his delight.  

Anna and Declan go through misadventure through misadventure in trying to get her to Anna. She misses her train, they get caught in a storm, and are forced to pose as a married couple in order to stay at a stodgy bed and breakfast. Anna and Declan become closer and when they arrive at Dublin she is happy to see Jeremy. It ends up that Jeremy proposes to her. At this point, Declan has started having feelings for Anna so he leaves upset. Anna says yes to Jeremy's proposal but then she finds out that he only did it to impress some people. Heartbroken, she breaks up with him. Anna then heads back to Declan's inn and tries to get him to go out with her. At first he says no so she leaves, embarrassed. However, Declan then follows her and surprises her with a proposal. She says yes and the couple lives happily ever after. Leap Year is a funny and romantic film that shows what happens when two very different people get together.  

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