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| | 2 hr 15 min | Comedy, Drama, Romance

Love Actually is a movie that came out in November 2003, and it was really popular among females. The film is rated R for its sexuality, nudity, and language. The movie fits into the romance and comedy genres. The film is a total of 2 hours and 15 minutes long. The distributors of the movie is Universal Pictures. It made $59,369,104 in the box office. The director and the writer of the film is a British man by the name of Richard Curtis. The film is set in London, and it begins five weeks before the Christmas holiday.

The actors in the movie are all counting down to the holiday for various reasons. In the epilogue, the movie watcher finds out what happens to the characters one month later. Some of the cast and their respective parts include: Alan Rickman as Harry, Bill Nighy as Billy Mack, Colin Firth as Jamie, Emma Thompson as Karen, Hugh Grant as The Prime Minister, and Laura Linney as Sarah. These are mainly British actors but not all of them are from the United Kingdom.

The basic idea of the film is that love will cause chaos as there are several examples of this throughout the film. Each story is trying to teach a different lesson about love. All of their stories eventually become interlinked. One example of this theme is with the United Kingdom's bachelor Prime Minister. He ends up falling in love with a woman on his first day in office, and the woman brings him his tea each day. Another example of the theme is the sandwich delivery man who believe he does not stand a chance with any United Kingdom lady, and so the delivery man moves to Wisconsin.

There many different kinds of people throughout the movie who are trying to fall in-love. These people include: a stony headmistress, aging rock stars, and a monolingual Portuguese housemaid. All the way throughout the movie, love actually divide's the people's respective lives. You will have to watch the movie to see the big climax on Christmas Eve. You definitely walk away from this movie believing that love can cause more damage than good. Many people and critics who watched this movie enjoyed it as it is a lot of people's ultimate favorite movie list. This movie is a classic love story that most romantic people enjoy for a long time!

Bill Nighy, Hugh Grant, Liam Neeson, Emma Thompson, Colin Firth
Richard Curtis
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Love Actually (2003) Movie Review

The Brits know how to write comedy and romance and this film is no exception. Right from the get go you'll be laughing as you listen to an aging rocker sing about Christmas and mess up the lyrics so he starts cussing away about how idiotic the whole thing is. The film follows several people including the Prime Minister (Hugh Grant), his new assistant, an American woman (Laura Linney) who can't focus on a relationship because of other obligations, a little boy who just lost his mother, a woman who finds her husband in an affair, a man in love with his best friend's new wife and many others.

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Need a great idea for a girls-night party?  How about getting together with your BFFs and watching some of the best chick flicks, ever?!  Below are five possibilities you can use. Love Actually – This film is by far one of the best romantic comedies out there.  The movie weaves together several different storylines that concentrate on many different kinds of love.  From first love to fatherly love and from unexpected love to forbidden love and many types in between, Love Actually covers them all.

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