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Singer Suraj (Rajesh Khanna) is stranded in a resthouse during a rainstorm. While there he experiences the feeling he has been there before. He feels himself transported to another lifetime, and is drawn to a woman named Ratna (Hema Malini). He is unable to forget the experience and, investigating further, discovers that in his past life he was a Chief Singer in the emperor's court - his name was Prakash, he was in love with a courtesan named Ratna, much to the chargin and anger of his family and the emperor, and they were tragically separated. He subsequently comes across a portrait of Ratna, and shortly meets a gypsy, Jhumri (also Malini) who looks exactly like Ratna. Soon Jhumri is also able to remember her past life and her love for Prakash to the chagrin of Rita Malhotra (Asha Sachdev) who loves Suraj, and Appa (Prem Chopra), the son of the leader of the gypsies (Madan Puri), who will stop at nothing to make Jhumri his wife. Appa steals the portrait, and sets the gypsies against Suraj, so that he can marry Jhumri, and perhaps separate the two lovers again.

Hema Malini, Rajesh Khanna, Prem Chopra
Shakti Samanta
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