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In 1969, Agent K arrested a criminal named Boris the Animal before he could invade earth. In the process, he destroyed the criminal's arm leaving Boris with just one arm and a bitter hatred for K. In the current year, we see Boris the Animal break out of jail with the help of a girlfriend. With her help, Boris the Animal kills most of the guards of the prison and his girlfriend. They get sucked out of the hole created in the jail. The prison is located on the moon, so the jail is pressurized until the hole is ripped into the side of the building. Boris the Animal cries revenge against Agent K for the loss of his arm and his 40 years in prison.

Agent K finds out about the escape and in a cryptic conversation tells J that he wished he'd killed Boris back in 1969. The next day Agent K is missing, but the only person who remembers K ever existing past 1969 is his partner Agent J. In the midst of a current alien invasion, one caused by the changes Boris enacted in the new 1969, J realizes that he must go back in time to save the world. He must save Agent K, who had installed an ArcNet to protect Earth in 1969. As the alien's invade Earth, just before using the time-traveling device, he wonders how he is the only one to remember Agent K. The device's creator speculates that Agent J must have been there with Agent K in 1969. Though confused, Agent J travels back in time intent on saving his partner, saving the world in the current year and destroying Boris the Animal.

This third movie in the Men in Black franchise returns with Will Smith as Agent J, and the current Agent K is again played by the actor Tommy Lee Jones. When Agent J travels back in time to save the world and Agent K, the younger Agent K is played by Josh Brolin. This latest Men in Black movie was released 15 years after the original movie.

| | 1 hr 45 min | Action, Comedy, Science Fiction
Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones, Josh Brolin, Jemaine Clement, Emma Thompson
Barry Sonnenfeld
Men in Black III
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C’mon everyone… Apparently something’s in the water these days, because celebrities are getting pulled over for over-drinking right and left. Who’s on the Naughty List today? Strangely enough, it’s “Men In Black 3” star Josh Brolin. Brolin was celebrating the holidays a bit too much. He was booked for public intoxication over the 1st of January, although the news was kept quiet until now. Brolin was spotted wandering erratically around Santa Monica, and spent the night in jail.

Coming Soon From Columbia Pictures: More 'MIB' And '21 Jump Street,' Plus 'Jumanji'

Forget "breathing new life" into  "Men In Black." It appears "Men In Black 3" was a damn defibrilator paddle to the chest. Weighing in at $615.7 million gross on a $215-million budget and hitting theaters this summer 15 years after the original, it achieved the rarity of being a franchise third entry that outperformed a panned second one. Movies just don't do that - except any movie featuring Hannibal Lecter. Nevertheless, the Will Smith-Tommy Lee Jones reunion tour proved such a hit that a fourth movie is highlighting several follow ups that Columbia Pictures executive Doug Belgrad let slip to The Hollywood Reporter.

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"The Avengers" had a good run on top, but Memorial Day weekend was finally the time for the superhero blockbuster to step aside and give the #1 spot to another popcorn flick. "Men in Black III" was the movie to knock "Avengers" from the top spot, but it didn't exactly do so with a bang: the threequel earned about $55 million over the weekend, and is expected to earn about $70 mil with Memorial Day earnings. The movie was projected around $80 million, so that's clearly a disappointment.

'Men in Black III' Director Thinks Justin Bieber is an Alien

One of the fun recurring gags of the "Men in Black" franchise is outing a number of celebrities as aliens in each movie. For example, in "Men in Black," we learned that Arnold Schwarzenegger, Danny DeVito and Dennis Rodman are all aliens, among others. In "Men in Black III," we learn that Lady Gaga is an alien (to quote the first movie, "not much of a disguise"), and that Justin Bieber is from out space as well. Justin Bieber? International pop star and heartthrob to millions of girls? An alien? How could that be? Vulture caught up with "Men in Black III" director Barry Sonnenfeld to ask him why Bieber was on the list of extraterrestrial immigrants.


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