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| | 1 hr 35 min | Action, Comedy, Thriller, Romance, Indie

The film entitled Mojave Moon is about the life of McCord. One evening, McCord goes to his favorite restaurant to spend quality time and eat good food. While there he meets a pretty lady called Ellie. Ellie wants to travel home to see her mother Julie who presently lives in the Mojave Desert so she is looking for a way to get there. McCord immediately falls in love with Julie and despite the fact that her boyfriend Boyd is there, he starts making advances towards her. When Boyd realizes it, he gets very angry and plans to deal with McCord.

McCord then offers to give Julie a ride all the way to the desert so he can spend some time with her and get to know her better. On their way, the car suffers a flat tire so McCord goes to get a spare tire in the booth but he meets the dead body of Ellie's boyfriend. He makes a narrow escape through a few police checkpoints and finally gets home.

When he finally gets to his house later, McCord receives two unexpected visitors, Julie and Ellie. While they are indoors talking, Boyd comes and tries to steal McCord's car. Later on, they notice him but before they can go out and chase him he escapes and takes refuge in a motel close by. Immediately after McCord goes out, Boyd comes in and kidnaps Julie and Ellie and takes them back to Mojave.

When McCord returns he does not find the ladies so he asks his friend Sal to assist his search and more especially rescue them from danger. Boyd takes the women in his car and drives off towards a quarry. His plan is to go and dump them in the quarry but as he drives along, they all succeed to escape quietly from the car. A few minutes later the car explodes and Boyd dies alone.

Danny Aiello, Anne Archer, Angelina Jolie, Alfred Molina, Michael Biehn
Kevin Dowling
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Mojave Moon